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Renee Neil



How long have you been with the fair board and why?
I can't remember for sure but at least since 2003, My brother and John Droste got me interested. My husband Tim, became involved. I like working with the people and the accomplishment of having a good fair.

How many years have you been helping with the Bremer County Fair and why?
My husband and I were never 4-Her's or in FFA. At that time, city kids couldn't be in it. It's great to see the diversity available for kids today. We wanted our son to have those opportunities in 4-H and fair was apart of that experience. So in lue of that alot longer that 10 years!

What would you like to see in the near future for the betterment of the fair?
More activities and attractions to bring in more people. To make our fair (Bremer County) a destination!

What areas are you involved in the fair and what committees are you involved with the board?
Free Entertainment Committee, Concert, Superintendent for the open fine arts, and of course Website and Marketing

Any other comments
I am proud to be a fairboard member of the Bremer County Fair. I am so excited to be apart of our new endeaver of aquiring a new location for our Bremer County fair!
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