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Kevin Rasing

Cell Phone: 319 240 3420

How long have you been with the fair board and why?
Got on the board in 1997 but have been active since 1991 to help since my employer was the past President of the Board at the time. I have never volunteered for anything. I liked what I saw at the fair and wanted to help. It is self satisfaction from watching the youth learn aand have fun. Some one coming up and saying "I had a great time and it was a lot of fun" and I do it to give something back to others.
How many years have you been helping with the Bremer County Fair? Since 1991. I love the people at the fair, those who come to the fair, and those who put on the fair. I believe that the rest of the board does it for the same reason, To Pay It Forward and that is why Bremer County Fair will never fail, the people of Bremer wont let it!
What would you like to see in the near future for the betterment of the fair? The new and improved fair grounds, a place we can truly call home. To create a place that will benefit Bremer County for years to come, a place that youth of Bremer can grow for generations to come.
What areas are you involved in the fair and what committees are you involved with the board? Currently am the General Manager. In the past I have served as President of the Board and serve on several committees. Help coordinate the Farmer's Pull, the NTPA Pull, Scrambles, set up and tear down of fair, Concert Committee, I am also involved in anything and everything that I get asked to help with.
Any other comments: Married for many years, wife Peney, 2 kids, Mike and Tamara were both active in showing at fair. Was on the Bremer County Pork Board for 10 years and was President for 6 of them years. Member of St. John's Spring Fountain Chrurch, rural Sumner and serving as Church Elder.

I love the fair and everything about fair!

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