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Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions!



Does it cost anything to get into the fair?

No, it does not cost anything to get into the fair. We offer many different games, activities, shows, and displays that you can see for free! We do charge for our grandstand events. Prices to those events can be found under the schedule page.


Is Parking free?

Absolutely! We have no on sight parking, therefor we do not charge for parking. It is street parking only on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend you get here early as you may have to park a few blocks away from the grounds.


Who do I contact if I wish to Rent the 4-H Building?

To Rent the 4-H Building, Please contact Josh Petersen at (319) 939-4895, or email

If you are interested in renting The Stage, Speedy Bleachers, or our Tapper Trailer Contact Pat Reiher (919)444-2232.

You can also find more information under our "Rentals" page.


What are your office hours?

The Bremer County Fair only keeps office hours during the week of fair. During fair the fair board office is open typically from 8:00am to 10:00pm. *We reserve the right to close temporarily due to unseen circumstances.


Can I buy Grand Stand Event tickets online?

No, Unfortunately the Fair board decided not to pursue that option.


Where do I get discount tickets for the Carnival Wristband Special?

$3.00 off coupons for the Carnival Wristband Special can be picked up in the Fair Board office.


Is there handicap parking available at the fair?

Due to our current fairgrounds size we have very limited handicap parking spaces available. The ones available are located near the 4-H Blue Building and Droste Hall. If you require special assistance please call ahead and we will try to help.


Is there handicap seating at your grandstand events?

Unfortunately there is very little. We are constantly trying to improve this issue. Please call ahead if you require special assistance.


I see the fairgrounds is moving... What's up with that?

Our current lease with the City of Waverly will expire on February 28, 2019. After several discussions with the city it was mutually agreed to relocate and not to renew the lease at its present location, known as the “Fairgrounds”. A new location on the West border of Waverly on Hwy 3 (across from the Orange water tower) is slated to be the future home for the Fair and designated Ball groups.

The future complex is known as “Champions Ridge”. Both the City and the County have been instrumental with planning, funding and partnering in making this dream become a reality. We anticipate this move to be a positive experience and solidify our quality of life for all families and communities beyond.

The Bremer County Fair Association invites all individuals, groups and companies to partner with us as we charge forward with this exciting venture. For more information check out the “Champions Ridge” Page
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