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Want to sponsor an activity or event at the Bremer County Fair? We have many, many great events happening each day at fair including but not limited to stunt shows, magic shows, caricatures, the petting zoo, attractions, jugglers, bands and more. Visit the Get Involved --> Sponsors page to check out the incetive detail and learn how being a sponsor at the fair not only benifts the fair but benefits YOU as well! Thank You for your support!

Champions Ridge is a plan and vision where our young youth can learn and grow.

This project is a partnership between The Bremer County Fair
Association, the City of Waverly, several Waverly Softball and
Baseball groups and the Bremer County Board of Supervisors. The
groups hope it will become a regional destination, bringing people
together to make a positive impact on the youth in our communities.

Our first and foremost focus is to make sure there will be no
interruption in fairs once the lease with the city expires after the
2018 fair. We have started the process of putting together a plan
that gives us the needed functionality – utilizing tents and temporary
structures – while allowing for permanent structures to be built over
a number of years. We have always realized this is a long-term
project which will take generous support from the individuals and
businesses of Bremer County and the surrounding communities It is our
hope that you will share in our vision to offer a permanent, exciting
home to feature the youth efforts of Bremer County.

We also realize by such as large task this area will be built as a
year round facility to help support and maintain the facilities. The
4-H building could house smaller vendor shows, trade shows, small
concerts etc. Office space and storage are a must. A museum for all
our past and present fairs, members we have lost and histories from
the past. Much needed animal barns which will be up to date to
minimize congestion. A carnival area large enough so that our
customers can enjoy that experience. and not be so crowded. The ideas
are limitless!

If you find yourself interested in this project we would welcome any
help whether its monetary or voluntary. Both are needed!

Please contact our general Manager, Kevin Raising at (319)240-3420 for more information or use the donate button above!
This will come to fruition with your generous support!
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