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Champions Ridge

The Bremer County Fair Board Association is excited to be a part of Champion's Ridge. This facility will give us a permanent home with room to grow. The Ball Diamond groups involved are a fantastic partner because we're all focused on developing a facility for positive experiences for our youth.

What is Champion's Ridge?

Youth activities, economic growth and recreational activity have found a new home! This collaborative effort spearheaded by the Bremer County Fair Board and Waverly ball groups blends the best of what country living and city life have to offer: Providing a permanent home for youth-based activities and events plus making a positive difference in the lives of our youth and families, across Bremer county and beyond.

It Benefits You!

Youth and Family Focused:
Each year thousands of children, adults, and families will use the Champions Ridge's facilities.
Huge Economic Impact:
The ridge's economic impact for Bremer county provides over $1,000,000 every year. Using conservative growth plans over the next decade, The Ridge will prove itself an incredible revenue-generating engine by injecting tens of millions into the local economy.
Improved Traffic Safety:
During ball tournaments and the Bremer County Fair everyone (youth, participants, parents, spectators) faces increased pedestrian and vehicle risk at the present 4th Avenue location in Waverly. A new facility removes bottlenecks and hazards.
Future Growth:
New cultural events and sports shows, RV camping, an ice rink, a bigger fair, and more large ball tournaments (for young and not so young), and youth-centered clinics make Champions Ridge a convenient regional hub.
Permanent Home... With Room to Grow!
Currently, three ball groups and the Bremer County Fair Association occupy under-sized and over-utilized facilities in Waverly. The Fair, adult softball, and youth baseball share a 19-acre city park featuring the city pool, skate park, four picnic shelters, a large play unit, three ball dimonds plus the fair buldings. Also, they play on a 3-diamond facility on the AMVETS property. Both locaations flooded in 2008 and neither site has any room for growth or flexibility.
The Fair's current location's lease with the city of Waverly expires at the end of 2018. Supporting Champions Ridge now allows time to raise funds and build facilities.
No Champions Ridge by 2018 = No Fair

Phase 1 Plan

• Four multi-use ball diamonds with

clay infields, portable fences and stadium lighting
• Concession stand plus diamond equipment
• Seven Fairgrounds buildings include 4-H Building,
Show Ring plus barns for beef, dairy, sheep, horse and
• All grading, water, sewer, electrical, gas and phone
systems for Phase 1
• The main access street and retention pond
• Safe Highway 3 interchange
• Signs and parking
• Purchase of initial 79 acres with an option for the
remaining acres (142-acre property)

KWWL TV Interview 1/11/17

Future Master Site Plan

A master site plan will guide growth for years to come. Champions Ridge can accommodate 12 multi-purpose ball diamonds, a covered grandstands, RV camping, an expanding fairgrounds and plenty of parking. This year-round facility creates a beautiful, functional, economic, social and cultural hub for community and county youth-focused activities.


If you would like to donate to help make Champions Ridge a reality please contact the Champions Ridge board by:

PO Box 29, Waverly, IA 50677

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