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Fine Arts Entry

Date: July 28, 2019
Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Cost: $1.00 per Entry

Open Fine Arts Entry Sunday July 28th, 2019 5:30PM-7:30pm

Center of 4-H "Blue" Building

Admission: $1.00 per entry

Exhibits should arrive at the center of the (blue) 4-H building at the fairgrounds between 5:30 - 7:30PM.

No pre-entry is required but we now have a pre-registration form you can fill out prior to make things quicker and easier!

Classes in this division are open to anyone who wishes to exhibit.

There will be a Junior Division for ages 0-13.

4-H’ers cannot enter the same exhibit in both 4-H classes and open classes. Example: if a 4-H’er enters a plate of cookies in the 4-H food class, he or she cannot enter a plate of the same in the open class division.

Entries will be accepted from residents of Bremer County and the adjoining County’s Butler, Chickasaw, Fayette etc.

There will be a $1.00 per item entry fee, which goes toward the purchase of prizes and ribbons.

No more than 2 items per category, but can enter in a number of classes.

Exhibits entered in previous years are not eligible for exhibit.

Items must have been made within the last 5 years.

. Not responsible for accidents loss or damage to items submitted.

Class 1 – Open Fine Arts

If the item is larger than 8x10, the exhibitor must include a method to mount, display with a firm back or support and easel.

A. Oil Painting

B. Acrylic Painting

C. Water Color Painting

D. Fabric Painting

E. Drawings (charcoal, pencil, acrylic, or colored pencil) please limit the size of these items!)

F. Creative Writing

G. Scrap booking (must have a page protector, no more than 2 pages per entry)

H. Holiday novelties

I. Wreaths

J. Silk or dried floral arrangements

K. Ceramics

L. Clay or Pottery

M. Small creative items

N. Beading

O. Stained Glass

P. Leather

Q. Metal work

R. Other

Class 2 – Open Photography

Entries must be at least 5”x 7” in size and mounted, NO Glass to allow judge to see the photos by the naked eye. It can be framed and no larger than an 8x10. No more than 2 per category

Must indicate if picture is 35 mm or digital

A. Color

A1. Color Digital

B. Black and White

B1 Black and White Digital

C. Digitally Enhanced Black and White

C1. Digitally Enhanced Color

Class 3 – Open Woodworking

A. TurningF. Outdoor

B. CarvingG. Inlay

C. ToysH. Intarsia

D. Scroll workI. Home Accessories

E. FurnitureJ. Other

Class 4 – Open Textiles

A. Pillows/Pillowcases

B. AfghanJ. Holiday Sewing

C. Tablecloths/RunnersK. Knitting

D. EmbroideryL. Crocheting

E. Counted Cross Stitch EmbroideryM. Tatting

F. NeedleworkN. Weaving

G. NeedlepointO. Felting

H. QuiltsP. Fabric Crafts

I. Small Quilted Items Q. Serger Sewing

R. Rugs

Class 5 – Open Clothing

A. ToddlersC. Men’s

B. ChildrenD. Women’s

Open Horticulture Exhibits

Class 6 - Vegetable Classes

All exhibits must be brought on a sturdy paper plate or cardboard and covered with a plastic/zip lock bag or wrapped in saran wrap. Limit of one exhibit of each kind of vegetable.

Apples – 3 specimens Dried Onions – 3 specimens

Melon – 1 specimen Green Onions–3 tied together

Okra – 3

Snap Beans – 6 pods Parsley–5 sprigs/clear bottle

Beets – 3 specimen Parsnips – 3

Broccoli – 3” head Peas – 6 pods

Cabbage – 1 head Peppers – 2 specimens

Carrots – 3 specimen Potatoes – 3

Cauliflower – 1 head Pumpkin – 1 or 3 mini

Celery – 1 bunch

Cucumber – 5 pickling or 3 slicing Spinach – 1 plant

Dill – 2 heads tied together Squash – 1 plant

Eggplant – 1 specimen Squash – 2 summer

Fruit – Cherries, raspberries - exhibit 1 Cup Squash – 1 winter

Garlic – 3 specimen Sweet corn – 2 ears

Herbs – 3 different kinds, 1 sprig of each in a clear bottle Tomatoes– 3 or 10 cherries

Kohlrabi – 2 specimen Turnips – 3 specimens

Leafy Greens – 1 plant in clear bottle Watermelon – 1

Leeks – 2 specimen

Lettuce – 1 plant

Class 7 - Vegetable basket display

It must include 5 or more vegetables attractively displayed in a basket not larger than one-half bushel size.

Class 8 – Fresh Flowers and Flower Arrangements

Garden flower specimen – Use a glass vase, no plastic.

A. Spike

B. Stem

C. Spray

D. Kitchen Sunshine- Any kind of fresh flowers in a kitchen container.

E. Houseplants

F. Patio Plants

G. Homegrown dried arrangement

H. Fairy Gardens

I. Other

Open Home and Family Exhibits

Each item of baked goods will be judged on taste, texture, and presentation. After judging, the items will be displayed and browsers may have a chance to taste items. Ingredients and recipe should be provided with each entry.

All jars must be displayed without? rings. Ingredients and recipe should be provided with each entry.

Class 9 – Foods

A. Yeast Bread – 1 loaf/ rolls

B. Quick Breads/Muffins/Fruit and Nut Breads – 1 loaf, muffins – plate of 7

C. Pastries

D. Cookies a plate of 7

E. Candy, 3 or more to be displayed nicely on small plate

F. Jams/Jellies (1 clear sealed jar, not paraffin, labeled with method)

G. Canned Vegetables/Fruits (1 clear sealed jar, labeled with method

H. Canned Pickles/Relishes (1 clear sealed jar, with method)

I. Pie (no cream pies and no cream cheese)

J. Cake/Cupcakes) 1 cake or 4 Cupcakes

K. Themed Cakes - "Blazing a Trail”. No limits or requirements for themed cakes

Event sponsored in part by:

Dairy Queen of Waverly IA, Red Star Yeast, The Oak Tree, Inc, and Pizza Ranch – Waverly, Ia

Contact Superintendent Renee Neil at 319-404-8264 for more information.

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Fine Arts Entry
July 28, 2019 | 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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