Ellen Doese

Auxiliary Non-Voting Member

How long have you been with the fair board and why?

I have been with the fairboard for the past 26 years as a non-voting member. I serve in this capacity because of being the agricultural education instructor at Waspie Valley

How many years have you been helping with the Bremer County Fair and why?

I have helped with the fair for the past 26 years as a fairbaord member, agricultural education instructor and FFA advisor. I aslo assisted with the fair during my high school years as well. Therefore, all in all, 30 years.

What would you like to see in the near future for the betterment of the fair?


The fair has come a tremendously long way from the first time I attended and exhibited at the Bremer County Fair back in the mid 70's. It is definitely more community oriented and provides a local recreational activity. The fair keeps striving for improvement in all aspects and that is what is needed!

What areas are you involved in the fair and what committees are you involved with the board?

I help with the general fair. If someone needs assistence we do what we can to assist. I do not serve on a specific committee.

Any other comments

The fair is a success because of its drive and determination of the board. Several years ago, a vision was set to make the fair more than just an exhibit fair and it definitely has grown. It is due to the foresight of the past and present boards and the outstanding community support that makes Bremer County a success!